Maverick Magazine (4 Stars)

Getting the ball rolling for a band can be difficult, but Serious Child have started their journey into the world of country music in emphatic style, with their release EMPTY NEST taking them into new ground. Mixing folk, latin and acoustic rock into one pot, Serious Child have 12 songs on their album that all hit the spot in one way or another. The interestingly named Paul The Bag is a standout track from the record, as is I Don’t Remember Venice, which features expert vocal delivery from Alan Young. Amidst that though, the immaculate instrumental backings really leap out, and prove that the band have an awful lot about them. The backing vocals in the latter from Carla March are quite something too, and while Serious Child are at the start of their journey when it comes to music, if they can follow up their debut release with something equally as good as this, then the band could be onto something special.

Rob Ramsey

Alan Young